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Noctic Focus

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 Welcome to Noctic!

We are honoured and happy that you made your way to our brand new website! Welcome!


Who are we?

We are an international team of young entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and web developers, with a passion for innovation and technology. We have an eye for detail, and love to produce items of very high standards, both in quality and in design. Together with a very efficient business style, this leads to premium products (we give 3 year warranty, and 30 days money back guarantee on all our products) that are also affordable


Noctic Focus: One Flashlight for All!

Our very first product is the Noctic Focus, a super powerful flashlight that shines up to 200m far, for up to 20 hours, withstands shocks and survives all weather conditions. It is packed with the latest technologies, crafted with high quality materials, and designed by our Belgian team, so you would be proud every time you hold it!


A little something for the first 500 customers!

As a token of gratitude for the trust that the first 500 customers put in us, we give away our first pride (the Noctic Focus) at the gentle price of 49,99 Euro. On top of that we throw in a useful little gift!